Friday, June 10, 2005

Bad feelings

I've got a bad feeling yesterday evening.I felt something bad is going to happen.I don't know what is it.Just an undescribeable but only associatable by people who posses the sixth sense.

I went to tennis training at the state's sport centre at Batu Uban as usual and mommy was asking me to make sure that I have transport home because she planned to go for a line-dancing session held by a British dancer called Chris Watson at the Corpthorne Hotel.I told her i've told daddy about it.Dad will fetch me straight after work.Before i took my huge tennis bag out of the car,the thought of asking her to be more relaxed and not to overstrain her legs in the so called jam-session came to my mind.But i ignored it,i just sayed a plain "bye".

I went on with my training,but didn't play as i thought i would.I didn't pick up composure and wasn't in my game.Just joking around with Jeremie about star wars and stuff.I went on to lose 6-3.Then, after a while of rest,the coach set me down to play doubles with a few kids.
I relaxed and just simply touch the ball just like feeding to them,because my partner was playing sh*t.He couldn't run with his heavy feet and he has no fighting spirit at that moment,i didn't want to push as its just a game for the kids.I was having a bad feeling all the time but i didn't associate it with my mom's dancing thingy.

Suddenly coach asked everyone to stop playing and asked us over to him.I had a look at his face and immediately words that came out from his mouth pulled my mentality way down to drain.He wants everyone to sprint 5 sets.........OMG,i slept at 6.xx am that day...and woke up at 10.xx am. & he wants me to sprint 5 sets 5 sets 5 sets 5 sets 5 sets of sprinting.I was so freaking tired after the movie marathon yesterday night.

Stayed overnight at Chien Yee's house along with Yin Tung and Tze Leong to watch some horror and comedy. We watched the Infection at first as we were talking about "the Ernest Disaster".
(not so convinient to describe about the tragedy here,if you are interested to know just email or message me at )

Continue with the long waited moment by Desmond to watch the Thai horror movie - SHUTTER. A really creepy ghost story that really should be watched by horror movie lovers like me.....I don't want to describe about it here or it will spoil the suprise of the ending.
I was scared a few times but what made me even more afraid is my best friend-YIN TUNG. Damn it man ! He was scared to bits and he shouts whenever it frightens....his shouts scare me more than the movie as it was loud and he was sitting just beside me.Chien Yee's projection screen and surround sound system played a great role in it too as it made us feel which direction object moves
.(in between some kiddy star wars light saber duel happened between chien ye and tze leong a.k.a. lawlen-lawrence.)it was funny,caught it on tape.

Ok now back to today.My brother woke me up and told me that mom is not at home.She went for a massage on her sprained that moment i thought of the bad feeling...

I've met this situations before but it is totally not under control and comes only once in a while.The hardest to forget memory was back during my primary days.I was the commander in the St.John marching squad for the sports day.At the first rehearsal,everything was alright,going smooth.In a sudden,"shoooom" a black and white image flash to my mind,i couldn't see a thing with my physical eyes.I saw a hand...a palm..going towards a face... i could just see that,there was nth else,the image emphasised on the hand and the face only.It stayed only for half a second.After that i woke up from it,knowing nothing about what had just happened and went on marching till the end.
The next day,its the final rehearsal.Things went on as usual and it ended without any special things happening around in my notice.I turned to my members and heard some gossiping.I hear them saying,one kid(forgot his name) was slapped by Puan Chia(notoriously known for her bad temper and punishing behaviour) for too much of a chit-chatting in the field.

I was like "wow"...then i recalled the images....didn't know how to handle...
Went back to my baby sitter's place and...........i forgot i told my baby sitter or not at that time and the rest is really forgotten.....i only remember i told my dad about this later.......

I had some different experiences like this but i kind of mixed them all up in my memory...


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