Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY

Happy Birthday To Me

I wasn't too happy on my birthday this year.I didn't feel the celebration atmosphere,it was dull,cold and sad.The exam pressure is greater than any other exams in the past,it is so intense as everybody is going through a phase from lower secondary to higher secondary.

The night before May 13, i didn't even know it was the eve of my birthday.I was living in a world of my own,i still thought that it was still the beggining of the month,until i heard my brother telling my dad that tomorrow is my birthday.

The next morning,my brother walked into my bedroom and wished me happy birthday,at that time i've already forgotten that its May 13th,but i told my brother not to wish me like that but i told him i am happy that he has the thought,i felt awkward and i don't like the feeling as i always think that love between family members doesn't require vocal expressions.

I went to school and some people are shouting around that it is my brithday....
And the CLHS ritual came to their mind, OFF-PANTS on birthdays..............
But i kept calm,i thanked everyone that wished me happy birthday.
At one point my fellow classmates keep shouting to gather ppl to get my pants off but i still sat there and continued what i was doing.They didn't make any move to take my pants off.
I was confident that no one dared to take my shorts off.There were history about ppl getting their shorts off during their birthday but i wasn't afraid.

I am Loh Ji Yuan and i know that they hesitate before they have the thought of taking my shorts off,knowing and respecting me,they don't have the guts to do it.I am proud that i made such an impression in my friends' mind.

It was a raining cats and dogs before school ends but it got lighter around 2pm.I walked to my mom's car as i feel the chill in the air surrounding every inch of my skin.I guess emotions played a part of the chillness i felt.

I don't feel like telling more about the worst birthday i've ever had as it is so near the damn examinations......

Just check this out to know about UNlucky 13-5 :


Anonymous said...

=.= din tell us... we celebrate for u in school ma... lol..

btw.. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

teddY said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!

*Helping you blow your unblown candles*