Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I skipped School !!!!!

That's Why Kids Skip School !!!

First and for most i will have to make an apology to these two persons:
  • Long Fei,Sorry for this,I shouldn't have skipped school,i borrowed your Maths B...
  • Zhi Jian,Sorry for this,I should have returned your physics notes earlier.

I stayed up late last night to finish off Ah Lye's modern maths but i had two periods of Physical Ed. and two tuitions yesterday so i was kind of tired........but i hung on until can't stand it anymore i made a cup of tea to freshen up and i stayed on another half an hour finally.....gave up....i went straight to my bed room and ................watched Paradorn lost so badly to Novak for 15 was wacking all over the world,the amount of unforced error overnumbered the disappointed,Paradorn's tactics wasn't working he wanted to finish every point fast but the match was entertaining as he tries a winner almost everyshot.Then i slept and made some mental preparation for tomorrow's long day about how i use up the time to finish up Ah Lye's homework........slept i woke up and told myself,you shouldn't be going to school today,you are tired,rest....and i told my parents i wanted to study at home as it is-----------(refer to pic)..........

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justjo said...

You're right buddy,
Skipping school is on my mine nearly every morning eversince the days that were nearer to exams..
but still gotta drag myself out of the cozy blanket.. in air conditioned room.. ah!.. need sleep.. grrrr..