Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Declaration of War !!!

Come On, Prefects..!!!

Declaration of War is here in 4SA5...!!!
I as the ambassador of the war against a non-liquid paper school officially announce the starting date of this war on 9th May 2005.

Come and get the liquid papers !!! We challenge you !!!

We have increased the liquid paper correction pen on the notice board to 3.

Let me tell you, I started this idea a few weeks ago. My correction pen ran out of ink and i cut it into half just to have fun and suddenly this idea flashed through my mind.
I put it on the same spot where the present one is but it was without the chalk markings on top and the next day the prefectorial board held a spot check on all classes and guess what??
They didn't even see it !!! LOL !!! The whole class was laughing about it during the spot check...
After that the teacher in class asked us why would we laugh like that during a spot check?
We all didn't make a sound but just lifting our fingers towards the class notice board and giggled as if we were tickled by a feather.
However our *wrapped up*(malay) teacher ran out of the class and called the prefects back and this time we laughed even louder...........you know why??? please refer to the bold section above...lol

Just another 4SA5 factfile by Ji Yuan.

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Kyle said...

hahaha ....i can prove what he say...since that our class is the main anti-doggy class.