Saturday, April 30, 2005

Peruvian girl offered $1.5 million for virginity.

Childhood: Graciela (standing) became the main provider for her family
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"...Behind the curtains which separate a tiny bedroom from the living room, lies a sick 43-year-old woman, whose daughter, Graciela, is prepared to take drastic measures to help her.

Graciela - or Gracia as she prefers to be known - has been working since the age of eight, left school at 15 and now three years later earns around $60 a month acting or modelling.

Her mother is too sick to work and she does not want her 12-year-old brother to miss school.

But Gracia says the money she earns is not enough and every month she worries about not being able to pay the bills or having to say No when her brother Guillermo comes back from school asking for money for books.

Theirs is a story like thousands of other Peruvians who live in poverty, but for one fact.

Last month, Gracia decided to sell her virginity to pay for her mother's medical treatment and to improve her family's quality of life."

Check the source for more. There is a grown up pic, shes pretty damn hot too.


Melvin said...

aw.. she rejected. 1.5M too little la. If i have amount like Bill Gates have, i offer 15 million she sure accept...... so hot~!

Ji Yuan said...

if u have the property like bill gates girls will just give their virginity to u and dun let you wear condom because they want ur