Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Star is borned

Josie Maran Posted by Hello

We first noticed Josie in a Guess? campaign and in spreads of the 2001 and 2002 SI Swimsuit Issues. Like most models, she moved on to the big screen with roles in Van Helsing, Little Black Book and Scorsese's blockbuster, The Aviator.

Considering that Josie is still a relative unknown, it's pretty impressive that she comes in at No. 4. Then again, the community seems to have quite a knack for finding beauties that the rest of the world has yet to pick up on. And, to be honest, it doesn't really take the gift of prophecy to see that Josie is supermodel material. In a word, she's sensational; a unique blend of innocence and forceful sexuality, that naiveté that modeling agents cross the globe in search of. Plus, she's been known to roll with notorious socialite Nicole Richie and dated street magician David Blaine, so we know that Josie lets her hair down every now and then.

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Melvin said...

oh man! awesome baby! awesome, irrisistable! giv me more baby! LOL. *piak* *slap myself in the face* ahem ahem, okok. A very sexy gal. Good thing u spotted her.

Lim Yin Tung said...

Yo sexy