Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My poetry

Image of friend's soul
by logic yuan.

Your image in my mind
has been smashed into pieces
by your own soul.
As a friend,
it drives me to put the puzzle back;
never giving up hope;
trying stone hard
and it is all the same shape,
no edges;same colours,
makes it more difficult than anything.
Thy has the power
to create the recognisable edges
and put in colours
for me to help painting the perfect picture....

I wrote this poem to express my feelings about a good friend of mine.I want to help him but he must help himself first.The person knows I'm writting about him and i sincerely hope that he change.

All the best from your friend........

(p.s. I may said some harsh things to him but the intentions are good.I may not practice everything i tell ppl to do but when i comment on a person that means he has gone off my limit.sorry)


Anonymous said...

Lolx... for who?

Ji Yuan said...

for a friend as stated in the post......dont wanna mention his name.........most importantly he gets my msg and he's telling me he's touched now..........once again mission accomplished!!!

Melvin said...

For me. I'm touched. I would like to say I'm sorry for all the mistakes i've done and please give me time to correct myself. I know i've done many mistakes in the past. And you are a very nice friend to me. Always there for me, supporting me. Thank you.

Ji Yuan said...

Now lawrence,you know who this is for.........