Saturday, April 02, 2005

8As Celebration

(from left: ME,Yi Qiao,Chan Wei) Posted by Hello

This was taken at Gurney Plaza.You can see our happy faces there.We went there to celebrate our wonderful achivement in our PMR.Actually this appointment was made when we were waiting anxiously in school for our results.We stood together beside the amphitheatre of our school(CLHS and we are talking about which school gave out the results earlier and bla bla bla.Then we tell each other:"You are going to get 8As!","No lar,I didn't think I did well".Then we got fed up,so we decided that whoever that gets 8 straight As is going to give a treat to everyone of us,so it turned out that i got 8 so i had to BELANJA them at PIZZA HUT.

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